Thank You, Rosedale Heights P.S. Community

We have received this letter of appreciation from the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank, thanking us for our support during our recent Food Drive.  Inasmuch as this acknowledgement was sent to the school, the real thanks go out to you.

We gratefully share this letter with you, and extend our own thanks to our students and staff for supporting this most worthwhile cause, and of course, our generous Rosedale Heights P.S. community.

Great job Rosedale Heights P.S.!

Photo Retake Day and Class Photos

For those students who missed Photo Day in November or require photos to be redone, Photo Retake Day will be held on Wednesday, December 14 2022 with Edge Imaging.  Full class photos will also be taken that day.

As a reminder, if you are having your photo retaken, remember to avoid wearing anything green (so you don’t blend into the background).  And don’t forget to smile!

December School Council Meeting

We wanted to share with our community regarding the upcoming School Council Meeting on Thursday, December 8th at 7:00 p.m. in the staff room (the school library is in use with the Book Fair). We welcome everyone’s involvement and encourage those interested to attend. Minutes from the previous School Council meeting can be found here. You needn’t be an elected member of the School Council to get involved. Simply come out and lend a hand!

We thank you for your continued support of our school.

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming back to the Rosedale Heights P.S. Library!

From Monday December 5th through Friday December 9th the Book Fair will be open for class visits.  Your child will have the opportunity to purchase items when visiting the fair or you can purchase items with them online at the virtual book fair website.

This is an exciting time as the Library continues to add to its growing collection of favourite books!  All proceeds from the Book Fair support our purchasing of additional resources to enhance our Library.

Let’s continue to spread the love of reading … books make great holiday gifts!

Hour of Code … at Home!

This Monday kicks off Computer Science Education Week (December 5-11, 2022) where many students from all over the world will be participating in the Hour of Code.  Computer programming–coding–is increasingly finding its way into the Provincial Curriculum with explicit coding skills identified to improve problem solving and develop fluency with technology, and many students at our school and across York Region take part in the Hour of Code initiative.  While coding may seem intimidating, at first, the Hour of Code is intended for even the earliest beginner –no experience is needed whatsoever!

This may be a wonderful opportunity to try something new with your children at home, too!  The Hour of Code staff has created self-guided tutorials and videos on their website so other than your willingness to try, no programming background is required for these activity.  If you want to get involved, simply visit with your child and find an appropriate activity. Your child can design, code and play their own retro arcade game (very cool, with lots of options!)  Or they can code a card for their grandparents.  Or create their very own Google logo!  Or even make their own music.  Or literally hundreds of other possibilities, organized by grade!  There are activities geared for all ages, even pre-readers!

While many students will get taste of coding in the weeks and months ahead, don’t hesitate to bring coding into your own home.  It’s a fun way to learn together!

Message from Our Trustee

I am delighted and honoured to serve as your trustee on the 2022-2026 Board of Trustees. 

As a trustee, my role includes being an advocate for quality public education in York Region, and I want to assure you that I am committed to that work. Every one of our students deserves to be learning in an environment where they feel safe, valued and supported in learning and achieving success. 

Part of our role as trustees includes making policy and budget decisions, and setting our priorities as an organization through a Multi-Year Strategic Plan. Our board will work hard to keep students at the centre of our decision making, and to build collaborative relationships with the families and communities we serve. The education of our students, your children, is a partnership and the relationships we have with families is an essential one. 

Communicating with families and members of the public is also an important part of our role, and I look forward to connecting with members of the school community in the coming weeks and months. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I will be sharing information with you throughout the school year, and letting you know more about our work and priorities as a school board. You can also visit the board website at or follow on social media. 

As we head into December, I also want to wish you a safe and enjoyable winter break. There are many significant dates in December for different faiths and cultures, and to all those celebrating, I wish you a happy and joyous celebration. I hope everyone has an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, relax and recharge, and we look forward to welcoming you back in January. 

Best Regards,

Estelle Cohen, Trustee, Vaughan Wards 4 and 5

Parent Presentation: Strategies for a Successful Winter Break

We would like to share with our community information about an upcoming Triple P Parenting Webinar: Strategies for a Successful Winter Break. The virtual session will cover areas including how parents may get ‘trapped’ in escalations and power struggles; why parents experience ‘defiance and non-compliance’ when they ask or request their children to do something; understanding ways to avoid these traps and develop age-appropriate and do-able strategies, and; how parents can have a successful, stress-free winter break. Parents, guardians and caregivers are all welcome to attend.

This session will be held on Thursday, December 8, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. There is no cost to participate but registration is required. Please view the linked flyer for more details.

Please Help Our Students Blast Off!

At Rosedale Heights P.S. we emphasize the importance of our students demonstrating good character in their classrooms, the school, and the community at large, as reflected in the school’s touchstone. Our school is filled with citizens of good character. Every day we see students demonstrating respect, responsibility, honesty, empathy, fairness, initiative, perseverance, integrity, courage, and optimism. We also have students adopting growth mindsets – positive attitudes about themselves as learners, which recognize the importance of dedication, learning from mistakes, and hard work which nurture a love of learning and resiliency that contribute to their success.

At Rosedale Heights P.S., we are Rockets. So naturally, when our students do great things, it makes them Blast Off! We’d like to acknowledge our students demonstrating good character by sharing the Blast Offs in our school displays, during periodic assemblies and on our daily announcements.

We’d like your help, though! We only see what our students do at school, but we would like to extend our emphasis on positive behaviours and attitudes beyond the school, recognizing our students’ good character at home and in the community. Is there something you know of that would warrant blasting off for your son or daughter? Please send in your own Blast Off messages to be read on the announcements or displayed throughout the school by emailing

Consider some examples:

“We are sending out a Blast Off for Jennifer Smith for completing her yellow belt in Karate. She worked very hard over the last six months, practicing three times a week to reach her goal.”

“We are sending out a Blast Off for Kevin Lee for helping out at home when his mom and dad were sick. He showed tremendous initiative in making dinner for his younger siblings so his parents could rest.”

“We are sending out a Blast Off for Shelley Green for scoring her first goal in ice hockey. Six months ago she couldn’t even skate, but she was determined to learn, and we’re so proud of her perseverance.”

“We are sending out a Blast Off for Jeff Singh who volunteered all weekend at the community centre to run programs for younger children. He took the role seriously and showed great responsibility.”

Help be our eyes and ears in the community and share your Blast Off!

Looking for Something Different to Do?

For those families who may be interested, Holiday Nights of Lights is an immersive walk-through experience featuring more than 1.5 million LED lights animated and synchronized to holiday music. Running from November 25th through January 9th in Vaughan, this pop-up event features many new displays and interactive activities including the opportunity to walk through giant ornaments, animated tunnels, and other unique experiences.

Our School Council has managed to secure a discount for all Rosedale Heights P.S. families looking to visit. Simply use the promo code MOREFUN20 for 20% off admission tickets when purchasing online at