Please Help Our Students Blast Off!

At Rosedale Heights P.S. we emphasize the importance of our students demonstrating good character in their classrooms, the school, and the community at large, as reflected in the school’s touchstone. Our school is filled with citizens of good character. Every day we see students demonstrating respect, responsibility, honesty, empathy, fairness, initiative, perseverance, integrity, courage, and optimism. We also have students adopting growth mindsets – positive attitudes about themselves as learners, which recognize the importance of dedication, learning from mistakes, and hard work which nurture a love of learning and resiliency that contribute to their success.

At Rosedale Heights P.S., we are Rockets. So naturally, when our students do great things, it makes them Blast Off! We’d like to acknowledge our students demonstrating good character by sharing the Blast Offs in our school displays, during periodic assemblies and on our daily announcements.

We’d like your help, though! We only see what our students do at school, but we would like to extend our emphasis on positive behaviours and attitudes beyond the school, recognizing our students’ good character at home and in the community. Is there something you know of that would warrant blasting off for your son or daughter? Please send in your own Blast Off messages to be read on the announcements or displayed throughout the school by emailing

Consider some examples:

“We are sending out a Blast Off for Jennifer Smith for completing her yellow belt in Karate. She worked very hard over the last six months, practicing three times a week to reach her goal.”

“We are sending out a Blast Off for Kevin Lee for helping out at home when his mom and dad were sick. He showed tremendous initiative in making dinner for his younger siblings so his parents could rest.”

“We are sending out a Blast Off for Shelley Green for scoring her first goal in ice hockey. Six months ago she couldn’t even skate, but she was determined to learn, and we’re so proud of her perseverance.”

“We are sending out a Blast Off for Jeff Singh who volunteered all weekend at the community centre to run programs for younger children. He took the role seriously and showed great responsibility.”

Help be our eyes and ears in the community and share your Blast Off!