Pink Shirt Day

Next Wednesday –February 22nd, 2023—is Pink Shirt Day. The origins of this day trace back to 2007, when Nova Scotia secondary students David Shepherd and Travis Price saw a grade nine student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school. In an effort to stand up for the student, they purchased 50 pink shirts and distributed them to other students, who wore them in solidarity. Since David and Travis’ act of kindness in 2007, the spirit of their effort has grown each year. Over the past number of years, people in almost 180 countries shared their support of Pink Shirt Day through social media posts and donations. (For more information, visit the official website for Pink Shirt Day.)

Pink Shirt Day emphasizes the importance of lifting each other up. “Today our diversity is becoming more visible than ever as people continue to embrace their cultures, identities, and true selves in more open and direct ways; making the need to Lift Each Other Up and have greater acceptance, respect, and inclusion for everyone so important.”

Please encourage your child to wear a Pink Shirt to school on February 22, 2023. Let’s us engage in kindness and stand up to bullying next Wednesday, and every day.