Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

May 1st through 5th is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.  While our school aims to promote student well-being and mental health year-round, we will be emphasizing these areas in the week ahead, and we invite Rosedale Heights P.S. families to do the same.  Among the goals of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week is: increasing awareness of the signs of child and youth mental health problems; decreasing stigma, and; understanding that help is available and it works!  We encourage families to visit YRDSB’s Mental Health Awareness landing page and in particular, access the Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week Tooklit for Families which contains resources and (a whole month of!) activities you can use at home with your children.

Each day at school, we will highlight one of five themes and engage in small and intentional actions that support positive mental health.  Mindful Mondays invite us to slow things down by pausing, reflecting and being present in the moment.  Thoughtful Tuesdays invite us to focus on our thoughts and their connections to our feelings, and actions.  Wellness Wednesdays invite us to consider what helps us feel and do well.  Take Care Thursdays invites us to consider how we take care of ourselves and those around us.  Focus Friday invites us to pause, reflect and consider situations in an intentional way.

We look forward to engaging students in various activities that support well-being and mental health this coming week … and beyond!